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Extrinsic calibration of a laser galvanometric setup and a range camera

Journal Contribution - e-publication

Currently, galvanometric scanning systems (like the one used in a scanning laser Doppler vibrometer) rely on a planar calibration procedure between a two-dimensional (2D) camera and the laser galvanometric scanning system to automatically aim a laser beam at a particular point on an object. In the case of nonplanar or moving objects, this calibration is not sufficiently accurate anymore. In this work, a three-dimensional (3D) calibration procedure that uses a 3D range sensor is proposed. The 3D calibration is valid for all types of objects and retains its accuracy when objects are moved between subsequent measurement campaigns. The proposed 3D calibration uses a Non-Perspective-n-Point (NPnP) problem solution. The 3D range sensor is used to calculate the position of the object under test relative to the laser galvanometric system. With this extrinsic calibration, the laser galvanometric scanning system can automatically aim a laser beam to this object. In experiments, the mean accuracy of aiming the laser beam on an object is below 10 mm for 95% of the measurements. This achieved accuracy is mainly determined by the accuracy and resolution of the 3D range sensor. The new calibration method is significantly better than the original 2D calibration method, which in our setup achieves errors below 68 mm for 95% of the measurements.
Journal: Sensors
ISSN: 1424-8220
Volume: 18
Publication year:2018
Authors from:Higher Education