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Exploring the protein-protein interaction landscape in plants

Journal Contribution - Review Article

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) represent an essential aspect of plant systems biology. Identification of key protein players and their interaction networks provide crucial insights into the regulation of plant developmental processes and into interactions of plants with their environment. Despite the great advance in the methods for the discovery and validation of PPIs, still several challenges remain. First, the PPI networks are usually highly dynamic, and the in vivo interactions are often transient and difficult to detect. Therefore, the properties of the PPIs under study need to be considered to select the most suitable technique, because each has its own advantages and limitations. Second, besides knowledge on the interacting partners of a protein of interest, characteristics of the interaction, such as the spatial or temporal dynamics, are highly important. Hence, multiple approaches have to be combined to obtain a comprehensive view on the PPI network present in a cell. Here, we present the progress in commonly used methods to detect and validate PPIs in plants with a special emphasis on the PPI features assessed in each approach and how they were or can be used for the study of plant interactions with their environment.
ISSN: 0140-7791
Issue: 2
Volume: 42
Pages: 387 - 409
Publication year:2019