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An explicit Wave based model as alternative to the DtN map for solving unbounded Helmholtz problems with the finite element method

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

When using a domain-based method for solving problems in unbounded domains, the computational domain has to be truncated to a bounded region. On the truncation, suitable conditions must be imposed to make the solution of the truncated problem equivalent to the solution of the unbounded problem. This paper proposes to derive these conditions based on an explicit model of the unbounded domain exterior to the truncation. The Wave Based Method (WBM), a novel technique for solving Helmholtz problems, is used to construct this unbounded model. The obtained method is compared to the DtN FE method, where it is shown that the obtained accuracy is equivalent, but the proposed hybrid FE-WB framework allows for a more efficient construction and solution of the model.
Journal: Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
ISSN: 0955-7997
Volume: 55
Pages: 58 - 66
Publication year:2015
Keywords:General & traditional engineering, Applied mathematics