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Explaining car drivers' intention to prevent road-traffic noise: An application of the norm activation model

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Strengthening car drivers’ intention to prevent road-traffic noise is a first step toward noise abatement through voluntary change of behavior. We analyzed predictors of this intention based on the norm activation model (i.e., personal norm, problem awareness, awareness of consequences, social norm, and value orientations). Moreover, we studied the effects of noise exposure, noise sensitivity, and noise annoyance on problem awareness. Data came from 1,002 car drivers who participated in a two-wave longitudinal survey over 4 months. Personal norm had a large prospective effect on intention, even when the previous level of intention was controlled for, and mediated the effect of all other variables on intention. Almost 60% of variance in personal norm was explained by problem awareness, social norm, and biospheric value orientation. The effects of noise sensitivity and noise exposure on problem awareness were small and mediated by noise annoyance. We propose four communication strategies for strengthening the intention to prevent road-traffic noise in car drivers.
Journal: Environment & Behavior
ISSN: 0013-9165
Issue: 6
Volume: 48
Pages: 826 - 853
Publication year:2016
Keywords:Environmental science & technology, Psychology & behavioral sciences
BOF-publication weight:1
CSS-citation score:1
Authors from:Higher Education