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Experiment databases. A new way to share, organize and learn from experiments

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Thousands of machine learning research papers contain extensive experimental comparisons. However, the details of those experiments are often lost after publication, making it impossible to reuse these experiments in further research, or reproduce them to verify the claims made. In this paper, we present a collaboration framework designed to easily share machine learning experiments with the community, and automatically organize them in public databases. This enables immediate reuse of experiments for subsequent, possibly much broader investigation and offers faster and more thorough analysis based on a large set of varied results. We describe how we designed such an experiment database, currently holding over 650,000 classification experiments, and demonstrate its use by answering a wide range of interesting research questions and by verifying a number of recent studies.
Journal: Machine Learning
ISSN: 0885-6125
Issue: 2
Volume: 87
Pages: 127 - 158
Publication year:2012