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Evaluating Policies, Plans and Programmes for urban and peri-urban greening in developing countries.

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The developing world is increasingly urbanising. More than half of the developing countries' population is currently living in urban areas. This urbanisation brings along a whole range of problems, as well social, economical as ecological.

This presenation will focus on the effects of urbanisation on urban and peri-urban green areas. Unless the numerous advantages of green areas to the urban environment and the urban population, green areas are under pressure in urbanising areas in developing countries, by acting as spaces fur further development and providing resources for the communities (fuel wood, crops, non-timber forest products, ...). Some cities intend to conserve, manage and even develop new urban green spaces, but these intentions are seldom implemented.

The presentation will describe existing policies, plans and programmes for urban and peri-urban green areas, mainly at the international level. Criteria for evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the programmes, plans and policies will be presented for discussion with the audience.
Book: To Report the International Conference on Human Ecology in an Urbanising World.
Publication year:2009
Keywords:urban greening, urban planning, plans, policies, programmes