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The Europol Regulation and purpose limitation: from the “silo-based approach to… what exactly?

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The Europol Regulation1 entered into force on the 1 May 2017. The instrument has howeverreceived little attention and the content was hardly debated. Yet, it brings forth a majorchange in terms of data protection: the principle of purpose limitation is not implementedanymore through the so-called ‘silo-based approach’. The focus of the Regulation is not ondatabases but on data processing operations. This article reviews the impact of this shift, inparticular as purpose limitation is restated as fundamental principle in the field of law enforcementcooperation, both because of the opacity of the personal data processing operationsand their significant impact on the lives and freedoms of individuals. To that end, itfirst describes the context and content of the reform before highlighting the limits of this approach.It finally formulates some recommendations for the implementation of purpose limitationin this new context
Journal: European Data Protection Law Review
ISSN: 2364-2831
Issue: 3
Pages: 1 - 12
Publication year:2017