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Enteromius thespesios (Teleostei: Cyprinidae): a new minnow species with a remarkable sexual dimorphism from the south-eastern part of the Upper Congo River

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

A new minnow species, Enteromius thespesios, is described from the south-eastern part of the upper Congo River; that is, the Kalule Nord, the Luvilombo and the Chambeshi Rivers. Enteromius thespesios belongs to the group of the soft-rayed species of Enteromius from the Congo Basin; that is, those with a weakly ossified, flexible last unbranched dorsal-fin ray that lacks serrations along its posterior edge. Within this group, E. thespesios is most similar to E. humeralis, from which it is distinguished by a higher number of circumpeduncular scales and shorter anterior and posterior barbels. Enteromius thespesios is a rheophilic and territorial species. It exhibits a marked sexual dimorphism, with males having: a red band towards the distal edge of dorsal, caudal and, to a lesser degree, anal fin; nuptial tubercles; a longer snout; longer pectoral fins; a shorter anal fin. This study gives extensive consideration to sexual shape differences for a species of Enteromius and also briefly reviews the current knowledge of sexual dimorphism in the species of Enteromius from the Congo Basin. Some conservation issues related to the new species are also highlighted.
Journal: Journal of Fish Biology
ISSN: 0022-1112
Issue: 5
Volume: 96
Pages: 1160 - 1175
Number of pages: 16
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Food & animal science & technology, Aquatic sciences