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An efficient three-dimensional multi-level Wave Based Method for interior acoustic problems with discontinuous boundary conditions

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This paper presents a novel extension of the Multi-Level Wave Based Method for three-dimensional interior acoustic problems. Numerical errors induced by a so-called “jump of pressure/velocity”, which originate from discrete boundary conditions, can be problematic for the Wave Based Method (WBM), leading to slow convergence. Most often, the analysed problem domains have to be subdivided in accordance with the discontinuities to avoid these convergence problems. However, this may often bring an increased modelling complexity and a large computational effort of the numerical model involved. The proposed multi-level WBM is introduced as a solution to alleviate those problems: semi-unbounded wave functions are used as the enrichment sets to efficiently account for the discontinuity in boundary conditions. The novel method shows a better accuracy and an improved computational efficiency as compared to the conventional WBM. Moreover, an alternative way of combining the different levels in the Multi-level approach is presented, which leads to even simpler system matrices and less computational effort. Two numerical validation cases illustrate the potential of proposed methods as a powerful tool for sound propagation analysis.
Book: Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration ICSV22
Number of pages: 8
Publication year:2015
Authors from:Higher Education