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Efficiency optimisation of an interleaved high step-up converter

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This study presents the performance comparison of two scenarios to obtain high voltage gain. A high step-upconverter (HSU) and a cascaded boost converter are chosen for this study. For analytical analysis, a loss model for bothconverters is developed on MATLAB. Gallium nitride- based prototypes of HSU and cascade boost converter provided thevalidation of the analytical analysis. Based on the theoretical evaluation and practical tests, efficiencies of both converters areexpressed in terms of their voltage gain to find the optimal point of operation. Results showed that the cascaded boost converteris more efficient than the HSU converter at higher voltage gain values. However, the HSU converter has a higher energy densityand lower switch voltage stress than those of the cascaded boost converter.
Journal: IET Journal of Engineering
Issue: 17
Volume: 2019
Pages: 4167 - 4172
Number of pages: 6
Publication year:2019