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Effect of the Suspending Medium and Processing Flow Conditions on Attractive Colloidal Suspensions

Book - Dissertation

Colloidal suspensions are an important class of soft materials. Examples are ketchup, paint, blood or crude oil. In many of these materials, the solid particles are dispersed in a viscoelastic medium rather than a Newtonian liquid. During processing they are typically subjected to a complex flow. This research work aims at understanding how parameters such as medium viscoelasticity and flow conditions influence the structure and properties of colloidal suspensions. A combined rheological and microstructural study was used to this end. These methods are applicable to a wide range of volume fractions and enabled us to understand the correlation between the suspension microstructure and their mechanical properties under flow as well as during recovery. Such understanding is crucial to facilitate future product design and to better control processing conditions.
Publication year:2020