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The effect of carbon nanotubes on stress redistribution around the fibre break

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© 2016, European Conference on Composite Materials, ECCM. All rights reserved. This work is a numerical study to evaluate the influence of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the stress build-up in and around a broken fibre in a single carbon fibre/epoxy composite. The study is performed with the help of a two-scale 3D finite element model based on the embedded region technique. The advantage of this model is that microscopic fibres and nanotubes are simulated together and with their actual dimensions. The studied modifications on the fibre surface are CNT growth with aligned or randomly oriented morphologies and fibre sizing with different CNT concentrations and orientations. The predictions show that the stress build-up in the broken fibre is not significantly affected by grown CNTs. The most significant effect is found for the densest CNT-reinforced sizing in which CNTs are aligned in the fibre direction. The layer of the aligned CNTs restrains the crack opening displacement by 15%. The ineffective length of the coated fibre decreased by 28%, thus the stress in the broken fibre returned faster to its nominal value.
Book: ECCM 2016 - Proceeding of the 17th European Conference on Composite Materials
Publication year:2016