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Educational differentials in the impact of micro- and macro-level economic conditions on union formation in France, (1993-2008)

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In France, where unemployment is high, it is often difficult for young people to find a stable job after completing their education. This was already the case before the recent economic crisis. In parallel, age at first union formation is increasing. How do young peoples labour market difficulties affect their decision to enter a first cohabiting relationship? Are differences observed by sex and level of education? Using longitudinal data from the French version of the GGS survey (Étude des relations familiales et intergénérationnelles, ERFI), Jorik Vergauwen, Karel Neels and Jonas Wood examine the effects of young peoples individual educational and occupational trajectories from age 16 and of macro-level economic conditions on the timing of first union. They show that these factors do play a role, and that their impact differs by gender and educational level.
Journal: Population (English ed.)
ISSN: 1634-2941
Volume: 71
Pages: 593 - 618
Publication year:2016