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Economic applications in the international debates on modelling and applications since the 1980s

Book Contribution - Chapter

In many countries, secondary school students learn about mathematical applications and modelling through examples and contexts exclusively taken from physics or other natural sciences. However, there are good reasons to argue in favour of changing this situation and, in particular, to more intensively include applications from economics, business, or finance in secondary school mathematics. In order to identify the role of such applications in the mathematical-educational debates since the 1980s, we scrutinized all Proceedings of past ICTMA conferences as a representative body of research and development in this field. We came to the conclusion that economic applications were indeed not well represented in these debates. However, a positive trend was revealed since ICTMA12, the first ICTMA whose conference theme explicitly referred to economics.
Book: Mathematical modelling education in East and West
Pages: 465 - 475
Publication year:2021