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Dynamically Walking over Large Obstacles by a Humanoid Robot

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This study proposes a complete solution to make the humanoid robot HRP-2 dynamically step over large obstacles. As compared to previous results using quasi-static stability [1] where the robot crosses over a 15 cm obstacle in 40 s, our solution allows HRP-2 to step over the same obstacle in 4 s. This approach allows the robot to clear obstacles as high as 21% of the robot's leg length (15 cm) while walking. Simulations show the possibility to step over an obstacle that is 35% of the length(25 cm) with a margin of 3 cm.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Robotics
ISSN: 1552-3098
Issue: 4
Volume: 25
Pages: 960-967
Keywords:Humanoid Robots, Obstacle Negotiation, Trajectory planning
  • Scopus Id: 69249232288