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Distributed uniform streaming framework

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:an elastic fog computing platform for event stream processing and platform transparency
The increase of Internet of Things devices and the rise of more computationally intense applications presents challenges for future Internet of Things architectures. We envision a future in which edge, fog, and cloud devices work together to execute future applications. Because the entire application cannot run on smaller edge or fog devices, we will need to split the application into smaller application components. These application components will send event messages to each other to create a single application from multiple application components. The execution location of the application components can be optimized to minimize the resource consumption. In this paper, we describe the Distributed Uniform Stream (DUST) framework that creates an abstraction between the application components and the middleware which is required to make the execution location transparent to the application component. We describe a real-world application that uses the DUST framework for platform transparency. Next to the DUST framework, we also describe the distributed DUST Coordinator, which will optimize the resource consumption by moving the application components to a different execution location. The coordinators will use an adapted version of the Contract Net Protocol to find local minima in resource consumption.
Journal: Future Internet
ISSN: 1999-5903
Volume: 11
Number of pages: 14
Publication year:2019