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Dimension reduction for computational enhancements in thin film electrochemical modelling

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The application of mechanistic electrochemical models is limited to small scale or short term simulations because of the high computational cost. In this work a model is developed to decrease the computational time by applying a dimension reduction based on an averaging theorem. In an example, a two-dimensional problem is reduced to a subsystem of coupled one-dimensional problems. For thin electrolyte films, the deviation between the two models becomes negligible; at an electrolyte thickness of 5% of the electrode width, the underestimation error drops below 10%. We can conclude that the dimension reduction is appropriate when dealing with thin electrolyte layers such as in atmospheric corrosion.

Journal: J Electrochem Soc
ISSN: 0013-4651
Issue: 14
Volume: 163
Pages: C873-C882
Publication year:2016
CSS-citation score:1