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Development and experimental validation of a lightweight Stay-in-Place composite formwork for concrete beams.

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Context: Current formwork research aims towards new cost-competitive formwork systems and
materials that focus on labour reduction and efficient material use. This labour cost is reduced when
using Stay-in-Place (SiP) formworks. Besides its forming function, SiP formwork can moreover have a
protective, an aesthetic or even a structural contribution to the hardened concrete element.
Objective: Using cement composites, the authors developed a new Stay-in-Place formwork concept for
beams that is lightweight, easy to place and omits steel reinforcement.
Method: This paper describes the conceptual design, the analytical modelling of the loadbearing
behaviour and the bending tests that demonstrate its structural feasibility.
Results: Unlike for steel-reinforced concrete beams, serviceability limit state becomes dominant for the
developed hybrid beams. As experiments show, hybrid beams with equal stiffness as traditional
reinforced concrete beams, have an increased load bearing capacity of 87%, while being 28% lighter.
Conclusion: This paper proves the feasibility and potential of structural SiP formworks in cement composites with hollow core elements for future structural applications.
Journal: Construction and Building Materials
ISSN: 0950-0618
Volume: 63
Pages: 33-39
Number of pages: 7
Publication year:2014
Keywords:Beam, Bending, Composite, Concrete, Experiment, Hybrid, Model, Reinforcement, Stay-in-Place (SiP) formwork, Textile reinforced concrete and cement (TRC), Materials science, General & traditional engineering