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Detection and Localization of Delaminations in Thin Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites with the Ultrasonic Polar Scan

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In this paper, the hybrid compliance-stiffness matrix method for simulating wave propagation in (delaminated) multilayered media with viscoelastic anisotropy has been confronted with high-quality amplitude and phase experiments on delaminated composites, obtained using the ultrasonic polar scan setup (UPS) in transmission by considering harmonic as well as pulsed ultrasound. Results are presented for multiple thin carbon/epoxy laminates with an artificial edge delamination induced by a foil insert, showing a good agreement between experimental recording and numerical modeling. The obtained results further reveal the feasibility of the harmonic UPS to detect and even locate the depth-position of multiple delaminations in fiber reinforced composites. Considering that the harmonic UPS method does not rely on the detection of different echoes like the classical C-scan, but rather expounds the conditions for efficient stimulation of guided waves in the solid, the method is found to be highly suited for inspecting thin composite materials for the presence of delaminations.
Journal: Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation
ISSN: 0195-9298
Issue: 4
Volume: 33
Pages: 522-534
Number of pages: 13
Publication year:2014
Keywords:Ultrasonic polar scan, Hybrid compliance-stiffness matrix method, Delaminations, Thin carbon fiber reinforced plastics, Materials science
  • Scopus Id: 84909989196