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Design research into 'densification potential for functions in station environments'.

Book - Report

Subtitle:within the framework of the policy plan for space in Flanders, as part of the White Paper on Spatial Planning.
The White Paper on the Flanders Spatial Policy Plan assumes that we must be able to accommodate 1 million extra people in Flanders by 2050. Spatial Planning Flanders wants to investigate the spatial potential for this within the current standard of 10, which is the spatial potential for this within the current standard of 10 minutes walking distance (± 800m).

This assumption is tested within a number of exemplary urban spaces. In the preparatory notes for the Flanders Spatial Policy Plan, different types of urban areas are identified for the Flemish urban structure:
- Urban regions;
- High-quality public transport hubs;
- Care cities.

The aim is to examine the potential for densification and intensification of these three types of urban areas. We investigated for the following areas (one per type of urban area) the potential within a certain distance of the railway stations:
- Case Wevelgem - urban region;
- Case Deinze Case Deinze - high quality public transport node node;
- Case Tielt - caring city.
Number of pages: 132
Publication year:2013
Keywords:S240-urban-planning-and-development, S240-town-planning