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Design for assistive technology applications

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Subtitle:usefulness of re-use?
Due to an increased need for Assistive Technology (AT) applications, governmental interest into reducing the total cost of providing AT applications is growing. A commonly reported high rate of AT abandonment indicates a potential for recovering unused AT and re-introducing it into the pool of available AT applications. In this paper we perform a literature review of waste management concepts from the 'Waste Hierarchy' process, and translate these concepts into concepts applicable for AT, with the intention of investigating the potential of re-use (including constraints and conditions) as an attempt to battle the increased health care cost of AT due to an aging population. The key problems and issues, when translating these concepts to the specific needs of the AT market, are highlighted. Re-use concepts that strictly fall outside of the definition of re-use are addressed.
Book: 20th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED), JUL 27-31, 2015, Milan, ITALY
Pages: 1 - 10
Publication year:2015