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Design and structural feasibility study of a lightweight floor system for renovation

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An increasing number of outdated floors will need to be renovated in the coming years. Existing floor solutions with stay-in-place formworks are often composed of heavy elements which complicate their applicability in renovations. To meet this increasing demand and allow at the same time manoeuvrability and a facilitation of the construction process, we designed a new lightweight floor solution.
This paper describes the conceptual design and a preliminary calculation to check the structural feasibility. Composite-concrete beams with sandwich panels in between are the main components of a floor system which weighs 34% less than traditional beam and block systems and stays under the deflection requirements of L/250. This paper proves the potential of composite materials in floor slabs and even more the suitability of this lightweight concept for renovation purposes.
Book: Proceedings of the International Conference on Composite Materials ICCM19, Montreal, Canada
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2013
Keywords:renovation, composites, concrete, lightweight slab
  • Scopus Id: 84941080944