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Delay characteristics in place-reservation queues with class-dependent service times

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper considers a discrete-time single-server infinite-capacity queue with two classes of packet arrivals, either delay-sensitive (class 1) or delay-tolerant (class 2), and a reservation-based priority scheduling mechanism. The objective is to provide a better quality of service to delay-sensitive packets at the cost of allowing higher delays for the best-effort packets. To this end, the scheduling mechanism makes use of an in-queue reserved place intended for future class-1 packet arrivals. A class-1 arrival takes the place of the reservation in the queue, after which a new reservation is created at the tail of the queue. Class-2 arrivals always take place at the tail of the queue. We study the delay characteristics for both packet classes under the assumption of a general independent packet arrival process. The service times of the packets are independent and have a general distribution that depends on the class of the packet. Closed-form expressions are obtained for the probability generating functions of the per-class delays. From this, moments and tail probabilities of the packet delays of both classes are derived. The results are illustrated by some numerical examples.
ISSN: 1553-166X
Issue: 1
Volume: 15
Pages: 37 - 58
Publication year:2019