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Damage Accumulation in Cyclically-Loaded Glass-Ceramic Matrix Composites Monitored by Acoustic Emission

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Barium osumilite (BMAS) ceramic matrix composites reinforced with SiC-Tyranno fibers are tested in a cyclic loading protocol. Broadband acoustic emission (AE) sensors are used for monitoring the occurrence of different possible damage mechanisms. Improved use ofAE indices is proposed by excluding low-severity signals based onwaveformparameters, rather than only threshold criteria.The application of such improvements enhances the accuracy of the indices as accumulated damage descriptors. RA-value, duration, and signal energy follow the extension cycles indicating moments of maximum or minimum strain, while the frequency content of the AE signals proves very sensitive to the pull-out mechanism.
Journal: The Scientific World Journal
ISSN: 2356-6140
Volume: 2013
Keywords:Fracture, RA-value, Pull-out, Calm ratio, Felicity ratio
  • Scopus Id: 84893847271