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Controversies Surrounding the Exodus from Egypt: Death of the first-born, Expulsion and Spoliation. A Diachronic Exegetical Study of Ex 11:1-10

Book - Dissertation

The narrative of the exodus from Egypt is along with that of the patriarchs, the two founding myths of Israel reported in the Pentateuch, mentioned in the prophets and other writings. However, a careful reading of the exodus narrative reveals ambiguities that are not without influencing its meaning and literary function. Chapter 11 is a nodal step in this narrative. It is the shortest, yet one of the most composite. Above all, it combines in just ten verses, three most controversial motifs of the departure from Egypt. We intend to explore the relationship between the composite character of the formation and transmission of Ex 11: 1-10 and the cohabitation within it of the motifs of firstborn death, expulsion, and spoliation. We will search through an essentially diachronic approach (textual criticism and redaction analysis), the literary function and the theological significance of these motifs in the first section of the book of Exodus (Ex 1-15).
Publication year:2022