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A contemporary and a historical patient with an ectopic meningioma

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Introduction: Ectopic meningiomas are rare tumors which can be encountered by all surgical specialties.Patients and methods: We report on two different cases, a contemporary one and a historical one, highlighting the diversity of clinical presentations and prognoses of these lesions. Furthermore epidemiological aspects, clinical features, and diagnostic and therapeutic work- up in patients with an ectopic meningioma are reviewed.Results: Typically, ectopic meningiomas present as gradually expanding lesions, causing a variety of symptoms by their mass effect. Diagnosis is based on histological characteristics, which are similar to those of intracranial meningiomas. Treatment is primarily surgical. Conclusions: The cases we report are at different ends of the clinical and prognostic spectrum. Therapeutic options for different clinical scenarios are discussed.
Journal: Acta Chirurgica Belgica
ISSN: 0001-5458
Issue: 1
Volume: 118
Pages: 1 - 6
Publication year:2018