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City culture in Flanders

Book - Report

Subtitle:Research assignment within the framework of the White Paper Space Policy Plan Flanders
As a result of the drafting of the White Paper Spatial Policy Plan Flanders, SumResearch was asked to make a policy-preparatory analysis on the network of cities in Flanders. The study should examine whether certain policy hypotheses and strategies are realistic and feasible and should also provide insight into the existing network. The research question relates to the generic strategy 'Polycentric development in urban regions' and to the thematic strategy 'Population growth'.

A first step in the development of a polycentric network is the mapping of our current urban structure. To this end, SumResearch and the client have developed a methodology to detect the types of urban space in Flanders.
This paper discusses this methodology and consists of six chapters: an introduction (1), the actual research report (2), the map material produced (3), the appendices (4), the digital maps (5) and references (6).

The research report itself (Chapter 2) consists of five parts:
- Part 1: Selection of municipalities;
- Part 2: Indicators;
- Part 3: Typology of municipalities;
- Part 4: Daily Urban Systems;
- Part 5: Conclusion.

The end result of this assignment is an insight into the daily urban systems in Flanders, which form the basis for the future development of a polycentric network of cities and facilities. These daily urban systems are defined on the basis of travel times.
Number of pages: 90
Publication year:2013
Keywords:S240-urban-planning-and-development, S240-town-planning