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Broadband nonlinear elastic wave modulation spectroscopy for damage detection in composites

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

A NDT procedure is proposed for damage detection in composites using full wavefield measurement obtained using a laser Doppler vibrometer. Vibrations are excited using two low-power piezoelectric actuators leading to nonlinear elastic wave modulation at the defect. One actuator is supplied with a broadband chirp signal and the other actuator is supplied with a single-frequency sine signal. First, a time-frequency filtering method is proposed to extract specific nonlinear components of interest (e.g. second higher harmonic and first modulation sideband) without the need for multiple excitation sequences. Next, damage maps are constructed using broadband bandpower calculation of the filtered nonlinear components. It is demonstrated that the modulation sidebands provide an exclusive imaging of defect nonlinearity, and are not affected by potential source nonlinearity. The proposed damage map construction procedure is applied for various carbon fiber reinforced polymer test specimens with different damage features: (i) coupon with quasi static indentation damage, (ii) coupon with artificial delaminations, (iii) bicycle frame with impact damage and (iv) stiffened aircraft panel with partially debonded stiffener.The obtained results indicate the high performance of the developed procedure for detection of various defect types in curved and/or stiffened CFRP components.
ISSN: 1741-3168
Issue: 2
Volume: 21
Pages: 424 - 437