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From BIPV module to system: A modelica-developed framework for building energy simulations including BIPVs

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Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems have been attracting attention as a promising means of complying to an increasingly stricter building energy regulations. Although building energy simulation (BES) tools can be used to assess the BIPV potential contribution at the building level, the existing BIPV modelling in these tools often focuses on either the electrical or the building physics aspect of those systems. Consequently, the existing BES is not fully capable to capture interdependencies between system configurations and the resulting performance. Further to this, the study of complex phenomena, crucial in BIPV applications, such as (partial) shading or temperature gradient over the BIPV façade may not be performed. This paper presents the development and validation of a detailed multi-physics BIPV modelling framework for building energy simulations within the openIDEAS environment. The validation shows that the proposed model capture accurately the absolute values and the dynamics of the real system by comparing the simulation results with measurements from an outdoor flexible façade test facility.
Book: https://www.eupvsec-proceedings.com/proceedings?advanced[title]=&advanced[date]=2018&advanced[author]=Spiliotis&advanced[keyword]=&paper=45528
Pages: 1619 - 1622
Publication year:2018