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Binder Identification by Means of Phantom Measurements

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper presents a technique to identify if two twisted pairs (TPs) share the same binder or not, based on single-ended line measurements. If the TPs share the binder only over a certain distance, this length is determined. We first show the challenges of archieving binder identification under normal differential operation. Next, we propose an alternative by measuring two TPs simultaneously in phantom mode. The proposed approach is validated by laboratory measurements.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
ISSN: 0018-9456
Volume: 60
Pages: 1967-1975
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2011
Keywords:Binder identification, digital subscriber line (DSL), phantom mode (PM), scattering parameters, single-ended line testing.
  • Scopus Id: 79955974100