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In-between ways: On a hybrid ontology between humans and technology.

Book Contribution - Chapter

A while ago I was discussing metaphysics with a fellow philosopher. The
discussion mainly focused on ontology and technology. At the end we
agreed on the necessity that for ontology to be shared by humans and
technology, technology would have to be anything but the technology we
know today. I argued that this was possible, at least in a possible world.
Possible worlds come down to thought-experiments in philosophy. In my
point of view thought-experiments wherein possible worlds are created,
is not solely a privilege of philosophy. Images, be it still or moving images,
are products of this exact privilege. Photography, cinematography, virtual
environments are most likely to be thought-experiments, visualized by
artists. Even science regularly turns into science fiction when it concerns
the relation between man and technology. For some time now, it seems
that philosophy, art and science have teamed up to think experimentally
on shaping the future of man and technology. This essay explores this
Book: The Weight of Photography: Photography History Theory and Criticism
Series: The Weight of Photography: A Theoretical Basis for Photographic Humanity: An Essay Book for Inter-Disciplinary Historical Progressive Research on Photography
Pages: 42-61
Number of pages: 763
Publication year:2010
Keywords:ontology, philosophy, digital art, digital culture, e-culture