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Benefits of depaving: consideration framework and opportunity map - part 1

Book - Report

Flanders has one of the highest rates of surfacing in Europe and this is increasing daily.
Pavement of the soil and the negative effects this has on space is a challenge we are facing all over Flanders. In the first place, additional surfacing should be avoided as much as possible. It is precisely by not paving or not building that the greatest spatial gains can be made. In addition, it is also crucial that the cohesion of the open space is restored in many places by actively reducing the paving of the ground. This will enable it to fulfil its ecosystem functions again. In its Strategic Vision of the Flanders Spatial Policy Plan, Flanders formulates strategic objectives to reduce the degree of hardening in the open and built-up areas. In order to efficiently and effectively reduce the degree of hardening, it is important to gain insight into those locations that offer the greatest potential for soil softening. To determine where softening is most promising, an opportunity map (Phase 1) and assessment framework (Phase 2) for softening were developed.
Number of pages: 176
Publication year:2021