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Benchmarking of MoS2 FETs with Multigate Si-FET Options for 5 nm and Beyond

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2015 IEEE. In this paper, we benchmark the performance of monolayer and bilayer MoS2FETs (MFETs) against various multigate (MuG) Si-FET options, such as FinFETs and lateral and vertical nanowire FETs, for a 5-nm node and beyond. We compare the performance metrics of all the device options at the ring-oscillator (RO) level, accounting for not only intrinsic and extrinsic parasitic elements but also interconnects. Using the atomistic two-band ballistic quantum transport simulations, we evaluate ON-current and intrinsic capacitances for MoS2-based devices. Furthermore, we calibrate two-band model currents with more sophisticated full-band diffusive simulations to obtain realistic performance metrics at the circuit level. We show that both the intrinsic and parasitic capacitances of a single-gate MFET are lesser than those of a double-gate (DG) MFET, resulting in 13% lesser energy consumption. A DG bilayer (DGBL) MFET shows the best performance among different MFETs. In comparison toMuG FETs, the DGBL MFET offers not only lower energy consumption but also 35%-45% lower speed. In the end, to meet the target performance, we evaluate the impact of the device current, contact resistance, and back-end-of-the-line load on the speed of RO with the DGBL MFET.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
ISSN: 0018-9383
Issue: 12
Volume: 62
Pages: 4051 - 4056
Publication year:2015
Keywords:Electrical & electronic engineering, Applied physics