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Barriers and opportunities for alternative measures of economic welfare

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This paper explores a number of barriers that alternative measures of economic welfare face by interviewing (potential) users of these measures in both Belgium and Germany. The barriers are grouped into 3 categories: context factors, indicator factors and user factors. Context factors are embedded in the policy context and agendas that shape the environment in which an indicator percolates, indicator factors depend on specific characteristics of the indicators, while user factors relate to the level of experience and expertise of the users of indicators and the institutional culture and uses in which the user operates. Drawing on the different barriers that were reported, 4 opportunities are identified in order to increase the policy value of the alternative measures of economic welfare: harmonizing and updating the methodological framework, extending macroeconomic models to include a wider range of welfare-related items, improving the communication on the measures and promoting indicator and researcher entrepreneurship.
Book: European Society of Ecological Economics 2015 Conference, Abstracts
Number of pages: 1
Publication year:2015