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Balancing pragmatic and moral legitimacy. NPOs in a context of nonprofit-business hybridity

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In nonprofit management literature, there is a debate about the effect of nonprofit-business hybridity on organizational legitimacy. This paper contributes to the discussion by using a broad conceptualization of nonprofit-business hybridity and a multi-stakeholder perspective. We compare two nonprofit organizations, which differ in their degree of nonprofit-business hybridity, within the work integration social enterprise sector (WISE) in Flanders, Belgium. We find that being more hybrid has a positive effect on the moral legitimacy as perceived by governmental actors and umbrella organizations. On the other hand, hybridity puts the organizationU+2019s pragmatic legitimacy under pressure in the eyes of employees, client-employees and volunteers.
Book: Public Administration across Borders, 2019 EGPA Conference, Proceedings
Number of pages: 1
Publication year:2019