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Bacterial biofilms on thalli of Laboulbeniales: a community uncovered

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Bacterial biofilms have been described on a number of fungal taxa. These microbial communities are of interest both from an ecological and a biotechnological point of view, as they have been shown to play a role in biodegradation and biosynthesis. This study is the first to show the presence of biofilms on thallus surfaces of Laboulbeniales, an order of fungi that have biotrophic associations with arthropod hosts. Scanning electron microscopy micrographs show an abundance of bacterial biofilms on thalli of three species: Laboulbenia collae associated with Paranchus albipes (Carabidae), L. flagellata associated with Limodromus assimilis (Carabidae), and Hesperomyces virescens s.l. associated with Harmonia axyridis (Coccinellidae). These bacterial communities were mainly found on the thalli, and only in small quantities on the arthropod integument. We suggest genetics and metabolomics approaches to investigate possible interactions between Laboulbeniales fungi and the biofilms. Our work has laid a foundation for future research on biofilms on Laboulbeniomycetes.
Journal: Sydowia
ISSN: 0082-0598
Volume: 74
Pages: 335-342
Publication year:2022