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Axillary nerve elongation in humeral fracture plating: A cadaveric study for comparison between straight and helical Philos plates

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Helical plating is a known concept in humeral fracture treatment. Attention should be paid to the axillary nerve when inserting a plate underneath the deltoid muscle. The purpose of this cadaveric study was to estimate axillary nerve stretching when introducing the plate. METHODS: On 42 fresh frozen human humeri, an 8-, 10- and 12-hole Philos plate in a straight and a helical shape were compared measuring the maximum plate-bone-distance. RESULTS: For all three plate lengths, the helical plates had a significantly lower plate-bone-distance. CONCLUSION: Indirectly, this suggests a lower axillary nerve elongation and hence less chance of nerve damage.
Journal: Journal of Orthopaedics
ISSN: 0972-978X
Volume: 19
Pages: 233 - 236
Number of pages: 4
Publication year:2020