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On an averaged model for immiscible two‐phase flow with surface tension and dynamic contact angle in a thin strip

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

We consider a model for the flow of two immiscible fluids in a two-dimensional thin strip of varying width. This represents an idealization of a pore in a porous medium. The interface separating the fluids forms a freely moving interface in contact with the wall and is driven by the fluid flow and surface tension. The contact-line model incorporates Navier-slip boundary conditions and a dynamic and possibly hysteretic contact angle law. We assume a scale separation between the typical width and the length of the thin strip. Based on asymptotic expansions, we derive effective models for the two-phase flow. These models form a system of differential algebraic equations for the interface position and the total flux. The result is Darcy-type equations for the flow, combined with a capillary pressure-saturation relationship involving dynamic effects. Finally, we provide some numerical examples to show the effect of a varying wall width, of the viscosity ratio, of the slip boundary condition as well as of having a dynamic contact angle law.
ISSN: 0022-2526
Issue: 1
Volume: 147
Pages: 84 - 126
Keywords:asymptotic expansions, dynamic contact angle, freely moving interface, thin strip, two&#8208, phase flow, upscaled models