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Automating Immediate and Personalized Feedback Taking Conceptual Modelling Education to a Next Level

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Providing individual and immediate feedback to students is a critical factor for improving knowledge and skills acquisition in higher education. However, a growing number of students with very different heterogeneous profiles and unequal problem solving skills, as well as the lack of teaching resources, make it very challenging and sometimes even impossible to give immediate feedback at individual level. This paper presents a synthesis and progress of a long-term project that addresses this challenge in the context of conceptual modelling by developing SAiLE@CoMo, a smart and adaptive learning environment. By crafting innovative process analytics techniques and expert knowledge on feedback automation, SAiLE@CoMo can automatically provide personalized and immediate feedback to leaners.
Book: 2016 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS)
Pages: 439 - 439
Publication year:2016
Authors from:Higher Education