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Asset maintenance maturity model as a structured guide to maintenance process maturity

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The rising cost of doing business coupled with a fast changing competitive business environment is forcing organizations to consider adapting asset management strategies, not just as a cost saving measure, but also to remain competitive. Implementing an efficient and effective maintenance program is one way of achieving this desired competitiveness. However implementing such maintenance program is often not straightforward due to the lack of a structured decision support approach. Capability maturity models present such structured approach. This paper proposes a generic asset maintenance maturity model (AMMM) as a structured guide for implementing new maintenance programs, evaluating existing programs and finally directing continuous improvement activities likely to lead to high levels of asset maintenance efficiency and effectiveness. Central to the proposed model is the use of risk assessment methodologies at different phases during the evolution process of asset maintenance maturity in the organization.
Book: 3rd MPMM (Maintenance Performance Measurement and Management) conference
Pages: 58 - 70
Publication year:2013