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Assessment of indoor exposure to and development of human biomarkers for PAH and derivatives in Flanders

Book - Report

The main exposure routes for PAHs are intake via food and via the air (gas phase and particle phase). PAHs end up in the air when there is incomplete combustion of fossil fuels when using motor vehicles, in industrial activities and in domestic heating. In this project, an attempt was made to estimate the (impact of) indoor environmental exposure to PAHs in 48 residents of 25 homes (2 participants per home). More specifically, the following objectives were formulated: (i) determining the sources of PAHs in the indoor environment, (ii) testing biomarkers for measuring exposure to and effects of PAHs, (iii) indicating interesting indicators (measurements) for follow-up by policy.
Number of pages: 72
Publication year:2011
Keywords:P305-environmental-chemistry, P300-analytical-chemistry