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In this study, the influence of fine recycled concrete aggregates as replacement for sand inmortar and the use as cement replacement and filler is investigated. Mortar with fine recycledaggregates is examined on its mechanical and physical properties. The samples are alsoexamined on a microscopic scale. The fine recycled concrete aggregates are made with one-yearold concrete made in the laboratory. Fine recycled aggregates (FRCA) are added as a cementreplacement (0 %, 10 % and 20 %), as a sand replacement replacing different fractions ofnatural sand, and as a filler (5 %, 10 % and 25 %). For the cement replacement and filler, thefines are made as fine as possible: (< 0,32 and < 0,16 mm). Fine recycled concrete aggregatesused as a cement replacement have a negative influence on all properties. For the use asa sand replacement, the mixtures show an increase in strength, but a significant decrease inworkability. The use as a filler is proven feasible for mix proportion using up to 10 % of finerecycled concrete aggregates. This has a positive influence on the properties of mortar.
Book: CESB16 - Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building 2016 - Innovations for Sustainable Future
Pages: 1071 - 1078
Publication year:2016