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Application of a matrix-free model order reduction scheme to automotive treated panels

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The different panels surrounding the car interior cavity such as firewall, door or floor panels are of key importance to the interior noise performance of a vehicle. Usually, the prediction of their performance in low- and mid-frequency ranges is performed with the finite element analysis (FEA). As the computational cost of FEA increases with frequency, model order reduction (MOR) methods have been developed to alleviate the numerical effort. In this contribution, a Krylov moment-matching MOR method based on the interpolation of a transfer function using rational functions is reviewed. As it is only based on input-output transfer functions, the method works well on black-box models, and can tackle models of various complexities. Through an iterative enrichment, the reduced model is improved until sufficient accuracy is achieved on the resulting transfer function. This paper applies this MOR scheme on 12 responses of four numerical studies of steel panels with various automotive treatments. The method strategy is extended for frequency-averaged responses, the efficiency and accuracy of this development is reported.
Book: Proceedings of the International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering edition
Pages: 3863 - 3872
Publication year:2016