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Application of a Hybrid Boundary Element Wave Based Method on a 2D Multiple Scatterer Problem

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This paper reports on the application of a recently developed Multi-Level Boundary ElementWave Based Method (ML-BEWBM) on a multiple scatterer problem. The method combinesthe Boundary Element Method (BEM) and the Wave Based Method (WBM) in a Multi-Levelconcept to benefit from the best properties of the two methods. It benefits from the BEM’scapability of handling complex geometries and from the WBM’s superior convergence rateand lower computational cost when applied on geometries of moderate complexity.The problem under consideration is an unbounded steady-state acoustic problem with twoscatterers. One of them has a complex and the other has a simple geometry. The hybridmethod is applied on the problem and compared with BEM and Multi-Level WBM results.All methods yield similar accuracies while the ML-BEWBM is shown to be the fastest amongthe three.
Book: 18th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2011, ICSV 2011
Pages: 1204 - 1211
Publication year:2011