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ANPHYECO-Seine – Hydro-geomorphology of the Seine estuary: "Cubage" calculation

Book - Report

The GIP Seine-Aval recently outsourced a study to advise what kind of (innovative) ecological restoration measures could be introduced in the Seine estuary to improve the functioning of the system (ANPHYECO project). In order to perform an ecological study of the Seine estuary, a thorough understanding of the hydro-geomorphology of the estuary is necessary. Flanders Hydraulics Research has already executed studies on the hydro-geomorphology of other European estuaries (e.g. TIDE project).<p>A hydro-geomorphological study of the Seine estuary can be approached in several ways: it can be based on the analysis of available data or it can be based on a modelling study. The second approach will be done by IFREMER, while this report describes the results of one part of the data-analysis. From existing tidal and topo-bathymetric parameters, discharges and flow velocities are calculated using the so called “cubage”- technique, a relative simple method that was applied within the TIDE-project. This report describes the results of this “cubage”-calculation for a more or less recent situation of the Seine estuary (i.e. the year 2010).
Edition: Versie 4.0
Series: FHR reports
Volume: 14_120_1
Number of pages: 30
Publication year:2018
Keywords:ANPHYECO, Flow velocity, Discharge, Seine estuary, Cubage technique