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Anatomy of a precarious newsroom: precarity and agency in Syrian exiled journalism in Turkey

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper contributes to the ongoing debate on the precarisation of journalistic work by looking at the case of Syrian exiled journalists in Turkey, whose professional and personal lifeworlds are underpinned by multiple layers of precarity. The article builds on data collected during a 3-month-long period of participant observations at the newsroom of Enab Baladi, a Syrian news outlet based in Istanbul, Turkey. It develops a relational notion of precarity through insights from the growing body of work on precarity in the journalistic field, as well as research on precarity and migration. It proposes a multidimensional understanding of the ‘precarious newsroom’ that takes into account the people, organisation and place, as a way to map how different layers of precarity, and responses to them, are articulated, experienced and negotiated. Our research underlines the complex anatomy of the precarious newsroom as a paradoxical place and an amalgamation of precarity and agency.
Journal: Media, Culture and Society
ISSN: 0163-4437
Issue: 8
Volume: 43
Pages: 1377-1394
Number of pages: 18
Publication year:2021
Keywords:Ethnography, exilic media, journalism, newsroom, Syria, Turkey