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Added value of microscale Raman chemical analysis in mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) : a comparison with macroscale MRI

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Diffuse axonal injury and microhemorrhages, common complications after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), can lead to neurodegeneration and disability and have negative socioeconomic consequences. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is conventionally used to study brain injuries in vivo, but microscale damage common in mTBI is challenging to detect. Raman microscopy is an effective diagnostic tool to investigate cells and tissue in a label-free manner, but the scanning mode of Raman microscopy is typically used only in vitro. Here, we show that Raman microscopy complements in vivo MRI, providing the vital information on the structural and molecular changes caused by mTBI in rats. We demonstrate that a method based on Raman microscopy allows us to detect structural damage invisible by conventional MRI and spot molecular changes in protein/lipid concentrations caused by mild TBI.
Journal: ACS Omega
Issue: 12
Volume: 3
Pages: 16806 - 16811
Publication year:2018