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An adaptive-predictive control scheme with dynamic hysteresis modulation applied to a DC-DC buck converter

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This article proposes a recent AdaptiveU+2013Predictive (AP) control technique applied to a DCU+2013DC buck converter. This converter topology has a wide range of applications in the current electronic and electrical systems that demand an efficient use of low bus voltage and specific requirements in load current consumption. Nevertheless, this converter, and in general any DCU+2013DC converter topology, presents a control challenge due to its nonlinear nature. Hence, in this article, it is proposed an adaptiveU+2013predictive control scheme that has low implementation complexity and improves the buck converter performance since it provides a fast response of the output voltage. Moreover, the output is adequately regulated even when the system is subjected to perturbations in the reference voltage, in the input voltage, in the load or in the converter parameters that may be seen as faults in the system. On the other hand, one of the main contributions of the proposed control technique with respect to other controllers is that the AP control scheme allows to on-line infer the parametric status of the plant thanks to its adaptive stage. In addition, a dynamic Hysteresis Modulator (HM) is properly inserted in the control strategy to improve the dynamic behavior of the Adaptive Mechanism (AM), and in general, of the entire closed-loop control performance. To validate the effectiveness of the control design, a wide range of numerical experiments are carried out by using Matlab/Simulink. Finally, the developed control technique was implemented in a benchmark experimental platform. According to the experimental results, the proposed predictive control is suitable for real scenarios in the power electronics applications.
ISSN: 1879-2022
Volume: 105
Pages: 240 - 255
Publication year:2020