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A 3D slim-base probe array for in vivo recorded neuron activity

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This paper introduces the first experimental results of a new implantable slim-base three-dimensional (3D) probe array for cerebral applications. The probes are assembled perpendicularly into the slim-base readout platform where electrical and mechanical connections are achieved simultaneously. A new type of micromachined interconnect has been developed to establish electrical connection using extreme planarization techniques. Due to the modular approach of the platform, probe arrays of different dimensions and functionality can be assembled. The platform is only several hundred microns thick which is highly relevant for chronic experiments in which the probe array should be able to float on top of the brain. Preliminary tests were carried out with the implantation of a probe array into the auditory cortex of a rat.
Journal: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
ISSN: 1557-170X
Volume: 2008
Pages: 5798 - 5801
Publication year:2008