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This collaborative project unites the Belgian groups that are performing fundamental nuclear physics research at low energy and the most important foreign research groups/institutes with which collaborations exist. The main is to intensify this collaboration and exploit the synergies between different groups. Whereas the core topic is nuclear structure research with radioactive ion beams research topics outside the pure nuclear physics reserach are included as well. An important branch is fundamental interactions research determining basis parameters of the weak interaction and testing its symmetries (e.g. via a search for an electric dipole moment of the neutron). Another facet is neutrino physics, with links to both nuclear structure research and fundamental interactions studies. The collaboration envisages also to build up expertise relevant to materials sciences and applications with a large societal impact such as medical applications ('radioisotopes'), energy production and radioactive waste treatment, by performing research related to the development of new detection techniques, ion beam manipulation, laser techniques, accelerator-driven energy production and waste transmutation.
Date:1 Jan 2011 →  31 Dec 2017
Keywords:medical applications, nuclear physics, energy production, fundamental interactions, nuclear structure, nuclear waste transmutation
Disciplines:Nuclear physics, Classical physics, Elementary particle and high energy physics, Other physical sciences